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History and Culture  

1. In Aug. 21 1998, Taizhou Luqiao Qinfeng Shipping Co., Ltd. was founded with registered capital of RMB3.30 millionon and a fleet of 11 ships, 6505 deadweight tons.
2. In July 28 2001, Taizhou Luqiao Qinfeng Shipping Co., Ltd. was reorganized, Mr. Liang Chaqing was elected as the new executive director. Scale of the fleet amounts to 30385 deadweight tons.
3. In Oct. 2003, Tianjing Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. was established and undertakes business of shipping agency and cargo agent, which laid the foundation of Qinfeng in deploitation and development in the logistics market.
4. In Oct. 2003, Qinhuangdao Shipping Co., Ltd. was founded. With modern facilities and brisk demand of coal-transportation in Qinhuangdao Port, Qinfeng rapidly increased and widened supply of cargoes.
5. In March of 2007, Taizhou Asian Sky Shiptrading Co., Ltd. was established, as a window of Qinfeng¨s ship trade, undertaking sale & purchase of newbuild and second-hand ships, international trade of marine equipment and other products, ship brokerage and consulting service related to ship trade, technology and business negotiation.
6. In March of 2007, Jiangsu Qinfeng was found with registered capital of RMB202.00 million, since which Qinfeng started professional mass production in shipbuilding.
7. In July of 2007, Zhejiang Qinfeng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was founded with registered capital of RMB100.00 million, and Qinfeng owned a first shipbuilding enterprise in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.
8. In Dec. 2008, Taizhou Luqiao Qinfeng Shipping Co., Ltd. was renamed as Zhejiang Qinfeng Shipping Co., Ltd. Up to July of 2009, Qinfeng fleet acquired a capacity of more than 30 ships, 500000 deadweight tons and an annual shipping volume of 6,000,000 tons. The business network covers main ports along Chinese seacoast and the middle & lower reach of Yangtze River.
9. In April of 2007, Hong Kong Qinfeng Shipping was established. And Qinfeng stepped in the global shipping market.



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