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The competitiveness of enterprises, the competitiveness of products, technology, competition, management of the competition, but the final analysis, the competitiveness of human resources. The company attaches great importance to the training and selection, has been to attract talent, investment in human capital, to maximize the role of human resources as a strategic task of enterprises. In the new Asia, human resources is considered the first enterprise resources is a decisive factor for development and growth. Our office before the company but the principle of using all kinds of talents.
First, strategic human resources environment. Have maintained a relaxed and harmonious working environment, able to accommodate different levels of environmental professionals, elite gathering of talents and technology.
Second, human resources management strategies. Improve staff recruitment, promotion, wages, welfare, incentive mechanisms, such as a series of talent management and standardized management system, active healthy corporate culture, interpersonal relationships. Personnel training

Three methods together people
Depend on the cause of attraction. Only the rapid development of enterprises will have the rapid growth of employees. Competition for talent for a post ten, nine to go is a natural, wise and come to the contrary, it is natural Qunying meta. People on policy incentives. Talent is the market resources, the deployment by the law of value. It is not a higher price to get better, it also depends on whether the mechanism of science, clear rewards and punishments, taking into account the long-term, people rely on feelings of solidarity. Rather than the feelings of small favors and the feelings of loyalty are not buddies, emotional communication, emotional understanding, mutual appreciation of the feelings, the feelings of the friend to believe that the feelings of the career of the people come together through thick and thin. The feelings of all staff are recognized by corporate culture.

Apply what they have learned
The information age, so that we can not just go to school children Small questions. With the endless stream of new products, new technologies, so that we have been alerted to the crisis at any time approaching footsteps, to the times will not be abandoned, only to learn faster than others, in order to run in the forefront, only faster in practice than others. In this regard, both the bachelor, master or doctorate, in fact, everyone facing the same problem.

Miller contributed to pressure
A person familiar with the total dry matter of their own, in spite of orСÓгɾÍeasy, but the only progress, Shou stalls there will be no rest on its laurels to grow. Winter wheat to the pressure of a pressure, in order to look better next year. Have not been scared to death and the plight of the hero has been little pressure to crush the people, the best way to train qualified personnel, that is, give him a meaningful high goals, and then let him do it.

Backing of all the staff is sweet, sweet is the patron of all the staff. Sweet is still far from successful, every day is a new starting point for our business. Entrepreneurship in alphabetical order, the contribution can be high, but sweet as long as you own business, then you are the master of sweet, sweet as long as you own business, it is sweet of you owner, as long as you put the cause of Sweet's cause as their own, that is sweet of you, the entrepreneur.

Enterprises of the
Enterprises and enterprises is the gap between the gap between people, the right talent is a primary factor in business success is the business. Wrong person to be in the wrong position, a barrier is placed on the road to business success. Industry and human resources
When the enterprise a competitive market occupied the heights of some industries, the need to adapt at the same time to establish the high ground of qualified personnel, implement the scientific concept of development talent-based system is guaranteed. Scientific and technological innovation needs to pool talents and the needs of enterprise management talents.
Enterprise is the most precious wealth of talent, talent identification and the rational use of the survival and development of enterprises is important, and talent is in the competition, the development and operation of the creative power of the engine.

10 kinds of management capacity
Thinking capacity planning decisions the ability to judge the ability to create insight into the ability to persuade
Understanding of human capacity-building problem-solving ability to mobilize the lower the lower the ability of enthusiasm



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